IN-DEPTH yogaWorkshops

In-depth Yoga provides yoga workshops over 2-4 days; they are created to help you truly understand the philosophy of yoga. In the workshops you learn the things beyond taking just regular daily class. We will help you understand the different aspects of yoga and help you add them to your daily routines. Your instructors will explain the anatomy of poses to you and guide you as you Journey. There are a lot of benefits in attending our yoga workshops:

Philosophy of yoga


Advanced Yoga Poses




Most of our workshops run in Asia, which is a beautiful place to stay and enjoy. Our workshop are run over two full days, however if you choose to extend your stay, you are welcomed to explore the different cultures of Asia. Our workshops are unique and limited to small groups; everyone in the group is relaxed and truly passionate about learning yoga. We welcome all levels from beginner to professionals. Come join us with your friends and family so all of you can enjoy an amazing experience and participate in our workshop.

If you are interested or would like more information feel free to contact us or like us on Facebook.

Available any days from November to January by Request.